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Client Service & Fiduciary Advice

Retzlaff Wealth Management (RWM) is independently owned and operated with oversight, compliance and custodial services provided by LPL Financial LLC.  We don't answer to corporate management structures, shareholder profit motives and bonus targets.  We answer to YOU.

At RWM we believe financial advice should be more than a "one size fits all" large company sales staff offering financial products that they have a financial interest in selling to you.  Is this in the best interests of the client?  We believe financial advice should be about building relationships and customized specifically to every client's needs.

RWM has direct access to LPL's independent experts in Investment Research and Analysis, Financial Planning, Institutional Compliance and Quality Control.  We also utilize the expertise of outside independent experts for Research and Financial Planning.

Our job is to offer the highest level of client service - some might say the "old fashioned" way.

At RWM, we consider the fiduciary standard (not a suitability standard) as our guiding "standard of client care." What does this mean for the client?  It means we put the overall interests of the client first at all times as well as fully disclosing fees (hidden or otherwise) and any perceived or potential conflicts of interests - should there be any.