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Institutional Level Investment Management

Retzlaff Wealth Management (RWM) aims to give you access to institutional level asset management.

Institutional money management is not just for the ultra-wealthy or large institutional investors. You've worked hard and earned the right to enjoy similarly sophisticated and transparent asset management services that large investors have benefitted from for decades.

Many people are familiar with the limited investment choices available in most employer retirement plans.

In many cases, the options available in employer retirement plans may not be sophisticated enough to achieve your financial goals.  We consider these investments to be the most rudimentary style of asset management, or part of a more customized and sophisticated approach.

An institutional level approach is actively managed and utilizes all available tools (all types of securities) in order to achieve a specific investment strategy or goal.  This approach can also often result in lower costs for the client.

We specialize in creating personalized portfolios comprised of investments that focus on growth, dividend growth and income. Tax efficiency is an emphasis in all of our portfolios.

Our investment approach is proactive and flexible. We seek risk adjusted asset classes with a goal of producing consistent growth and income while reducing volatility.

We have a process driven framework with a disciplined investment analysis focus that utilizes both internal and external research sources.

We focus on opportunities from both a fundamental and quantitative basis, with a primary focus on stocks and securities believed to offer the best income and growth potential from a qualitative free-cash-flow yield and growth perspective.